Play World Australia 2018

Imagine a world where kids rule and their wildest creations came true…

In 2018, ReedPOP Australia introduced Play World into an extremely competitive and saturated market, kids events. However Play World had a different approach to enticing parents and kids alike. The event was solely designed for kids with only kids in mind. It was to be a full sensory experience with the goal simply being experience and fun. Taking place in the September school holidays of 2018 (the same weekend as Oz Comic-Con Sydney, the AFL Grand Final & the NRL Grand Final) Play World allowed kids the opportunity to play, create, imagine touch and learn in a space designed and dedicated for them in mind.




Reach a targeted attendance of 15,000 Kids & Families. .

  • Deliver a successful media launch idea to drive pre-event media/social coverage.

  • Initiate potential corporate/brand partnerships and conceptualise ideas for cross promotion opportunities.

  • Support reaching a ticket target of 15,000.

  • Organise and manage a charity partner.


“Imagine a world where kids rule” this quote drove our strategy - to target kids we needed to prove that kids really do ‘rule’, we were to engage them from the beginning of the campaign and we would do so by ensuring that every aspect of the event, from the content to the charity partner reflected a complete ‘kids focus’ and communicated that Play World was designed by kids for kids. Play World had to be differentiated from any other kids event available to the public. Timing not being in our favour with the AFL and NRL Grand Final on the same weekend, the parenting community had to understand why Play World was not to be missed.

 We knew that our strong relationships in the kids and parenting space would drive the success of our PR campaign. Our strategy was to not only focus on traditional media outlets but encouraging support editorially from all and any parenting outlets including facebook mothers groups, kid influencers, parenting influencers, kids sporting teams etc.



Play World Australia’s attendance exceeded all expectations, with ticket sales skyrocketing past the projected outcome and targets. Play World resulted in a total of 204 pieces of coverage with an accumulated reach of 46,907,500 and Advertising Value Equivalent of $703,861. Rocket Comms had over 50 separate media outlets attend the event who posted raving reviews. Play World Australia has been shortlisted for the Best New Show at the Exhibition and Event Awards (EEAA) for 2018.